Character design life drawing studies from Disney’s Tangled. Artwork by Jin Kim.

Source: Cosmo Animato

Early Character Design images of Flynn Rider. Jin Kim drew these using Johnny Depp as inspiration. You can kinda see where they took a bit of the above designs, as well as this design; and combined them to make the films version of Flynn.

SourceCosmo Animato

Character design images for Disney’s Bolt. Artwork by Jin Kim.

SourceCosmo Animato

Early character design for Disney’s Tangled. Artwork by Jin Kim.

SourceCosmo Animato

Character design for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008). The first and third images are by Alex Woo.

Source: The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Early character design for Calhoun from Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph. Artwork by Jin Kim.

Source: Cosmo Animato

Early concept art of Tangled’s Flynn Rider when he was still referred to as Bastion. I’m kind of in love with this design; I like the idea of Flynn being this sort of big lovable lug. These images actually remind me a lot of my fiance and I - which is the reason why I love these drawings so much. Art by Jin Kim.

SourceCosmo Animato

The design evolution of Mother Gothel from Disney’s Tangled. Character Design by Jin Kim.

Source: Cosmo Animato

Production maquette for Disney’s Tangled. These maquettes were sculpted by Kent Melton and were based on images by Glen Keane.

Source: Cosmo Animato

Character design for Disney’s Pocahontas. Artwork by Mike Gabriel. The first image was obviously meant as a joke by Gabriel, who had drawn an image of Peter Pan’s Tiger Lily in place of Pocahontas.

Source: The Art of Pocahontas

Character design for Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. Artwork created by Rick Lacey.

Source: Rick Lacey

Character design from the Dance of the Hours sequence in Disney’s Fantasia.

Fans of Doctor Who are probably well aware that the show has been turned into an animated series before. It looks like the BBC had recently flirted with the idea of making an animated series again - but in the end passed on it.

The above images are concept art for the proposed series created by DC comic artist Dan Norton.

Head on over to Dan’s Deviant Art page to see more images!

Character design for Aladdin from Disney’s Aladdin.

Jack “Subject Zero” character design from Bioware’s Mass Effect 2. Artwork by Matt Rhodes.

Source: mattrhodesart.blogspot