A couple weeks ago we promoted the Kickstarter for the creators of the amazing short The Reward. With only 7 days left their goal of turning the short into an animated series is just about half way funded.

SunCreature Studio contacted me and asked if I would promote the Kickstarter again with the words:

We can still make it!

And really, we can still make it! We’ve reached a point in the entertainment world where we can do awesome things as the viewership. We can help fund projects and help support the things we actually love and the things we actually want to see. So when an awesome and small studio comes around like SunCreature Studio, it’s important to give them all of the love and support that we can.

It’s really important to support independent arts and films - in anyway you possibly can! And if things work out and The Reward series gets funded it’s a great feeling to know that you had a part in it.

This is a chance where you can really be a part of something special. You’re more than the audience member; here you have an opportunity to a part of the team and actually make it  happen! So I say this again, we can make it happen!

Spread the love and support for this great animated team and help their project come to life! So head on over to The Reward Kickstarter and give any amount that you can. And if you can’t spare any money I’m sure it would mean just as much to the studio if you would at least spread the word and encourage others to so too! Tell everyone you know! This is a great project and they really deserve all the help they can get!

Come on Tumblr, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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    This appears to have really grown and I hope many people see this truly wonderful project.
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