The Animation Archive presents The Art of Brave giveaway!

As a thanks for our readers constant support we’ve got a brand new copy of The Art of Brave as well as one Brave movie poster here at The Animation Archive that we’d like to giveaway! (The images shown of the book are our copy, the book being given away is sealed and unopened). There will be two separate winners, one person will win the book, one person will win the movie poster.

Here are the rules as follows if you would like to be considered for the giveaway (please read all of the rules and information below):

  • You must be following us; we will check!
  • Only likes don’t count. It must be reblogged at least once to your main account, if it’s reblogged to a side account we can’t tell if you’re following us.
  • Reblog it as many times as you would like but be wary of your followers, please tag it accordingly so you don’t spam their dashboards!
  • We will ship the book anywhere in the world, for free! So all Tumblr users are eligible (as long as you’re following us)!
  • If you’re one of our younger readers be sure to get permission from your parents first; because if you win we are mailing stuff to your home.

We will also except entries by email, and in fact we encourage everyone who wants to be considered for the giveaway to send us an email entry as well! (We will still check if you are following us).

To be considered by email send an email to Please include the following information with your email:

  • We have two giveaways going on at once so in order to be considered for this one please make sure to include “Brave” somewhere in the subject line or topic of the email.
  • Please provide at least your first name and a link to your tumblr account!

PLEASE NOTE! Tumblr isn’t always fond of giveaways (they take up a lot of server space because of the large quantity of notes and reblogs), and after a while the notes received aren’t archived correctly or don’t always appear. If this happens we will choose a winner based on those who email us a second entry. So it’s important that you send an email to us to be considered for the giveaway!!

A winner will be chosen in 2 weeks on April the 8th! If we do not hear back from the winner in three days we will choose a second winner instead. Once we here back from all of the winners; we will announce them here on Tumblr.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us!

Note: We currently have a second giveaway going on at the moment to win a free copy of The Art of The Mass Effect Universe. So be sure to check out our page at The Animation Archive to be considered for that giveaway as well!

Thanks for all of your support and good luck!!

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