Last Saturday morning you had your fill of four hours of Looney Tunes cartoons. To take up the majority of your morning (and day) here’s six hours of Disney cartoons!

Have a great Saturday everyone and enjoy your Saturday Morning Cartoons!

So for the time being Saturday Morning Cartoons are over. For the first time in more than 50 years there are no Saturday Morning Cartoons airing today.

Here at the Animation Archive we’ll try our best to make sure you get your fill though! So here’s four hours of Looney Tunes. Have a great morning!


The Prince of Egypt conceptual art paintings by Paul Lasaine

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Here’s some incredible and absolutely beautiful concept art and character design from URBANCE - which is now looking for backing on Kickstarter.

"In a post-modern city torn by street violence, sex is prohibited because of a deadly genetical virus. Men and women have grown apart, hating each other until two young rebels, disowned by their own gangs, are leading the fight to live their love freely."

In the crumbling inner city, sex kills. The urban landscape is split in two — men on one side, women on the other— opposing each other. COEVO seems to be the only hope: a government medical treatment developed to cure every single boy and girl except that those wearables haven’t produced the expected results yet…

Born among this lost generation of frustrated gangs, Kenzell and Lesya live each day as their last, defying anyone who stands in the way of their union. Like modern avatars of Romeo and Juliet, they will have to choose between love or their kind, Passion VS Reason, Deadly Eves VS Neo Blasterz… In their flamboyant relationship lies the premises of a revolution against the authorities, the vicious Mediators and their separatist laws. Rebels can change the world…

I’ve promoted quite a few Kickstarter’s on here and by far this is the one that excites me the most. More than anything the animation industry needs something like Urbance to come in and break down it’s walls; it’s fresh, diverse, incredibly crafted and I think, it’ll be absolutely ground breaking!

Head on over to the Urbance Kickstarter page and send them some love.

Genndy Tartakovsky’s POPEYE Animation Test

I have to admit, this has me kind of excited. I grew up with old VHS tapes full of Popeye shorts and watched them so much I wore out the tracking. Sure, I would much prefer something like this, but it looks like the style of Popeye translates pretty well to CG so far; kind of looking forward to this one.


Rescue Rangers by Real-SonkeS

Robin Williams was the funniest man to ever live. It was truly a blessing to have grown up on and to have been surrounded by his work as a child. In my life Robin Williams was a constant source of happiness, laughter, and joy. I seriously feel like I’ve lost a close family member; I don’t even know what to say… Robin, thanks so much for all the laughter!

The life you lived, and the work you’ve done, will always be remembered. I look forward to the day I can share in the laughter of your films with my own kids. May you rest in peace.

Anonymous said: Your tumbler bar blocks the SEARCH BOX - your archive needs much work - ever hear of MANDARIN ORANGE from the late 1970's early 1980's - where painted oranges preformed Busby Berkley dnace routines to traditional chinese music

Hmm, I’ve looked at the search box under different resolutions and have not had any problems being able to click inside of it. Even when I’m logged out I can use it easy enough. I do hate the sidebar that expands from Tumblr when you look at the page not logged in, and as far as I know, I have no control over removing that - it’s all Tumblr’s fault I promise. I’ve taken a lot of time and care trying to get the site to look, work, and feel the way that it does.

I’ve actually designed the website so that you can navigate it and actually find what you’re looking for without even using the search box. I’ve actually debated removing the search box. The problem with the search box is that it searches for only tags that I make when posting things. And it’s hard to account for every single tag or search item or phrase people might think of when searching for something. So everything you ever need to browse and find stuff on The Animation Archive is all on the sidebar and the sidebar is always there. Literally the most important links that will help you find anything I’ve ever posted, probably more easily than the search box, are the SITE RESOURCES & ANIMATION RESOURCES links and everything listed underneath them on the side.

And yes, this website could always use more work, and more updating. I wish I had more time to put into The Animation Archive but this site doesn’t pay my bills and I gotta make a living - and there’s actually a lot of my own money that goes into this website every month so that people can enjoy it for what it is. But there are things I’m slowly working on in the background to continue to update and improve The Animation Archive.

And as far as “MANDARIN ORANGE from the late 1970’s early 1980’s,” I’m sorry I have not heard of it or seen it. I’ve tried every variation to search for it and try to find info on it and I can’t find a single thing. Do you have a link to anything that you’d like to share about it? Is anyone else familiar with it?

Assorted storyboards from the Walt Disney production of Bambi (1942). The top image was drawn by Disney animator and Imagineer, Marc Davis.

Hey Tumblr, you helped make The Reward - Tales of Alerhtrion a possibility; now here’s your chance to a be a part of it!
On behalf of Sun Creature Studio I’m pleased to announce a Concept Art Summer Event! Get your artwork into The Reward - Tales of Alethrion - Presented by Sun Creature Studio.
Do you remember the close up portraits in the short film The Reward (bottom two images above)? We have a silly shot like this of Alethrion in the series as well. In this scene he is trying to seduce Amerath, a girl whom he just met.

We have a downloadable PSD file with everything you need to work on the shot.

In the file we have the correct frame size, a blurred out picture of the color script (the base colors you need to use because of the fact that the portrait has to fit with the other scenes). We have blurred the color script picture out so you don’t limit your imagination. We also attached references of the style and the storyboard panel.

If you are up for the challenge, send your finished drawing to most fitting, best and most hilarious portrait of Alethrion gets into the film!


Here you can get access to the .pdf file here.

PS. If you choose not to work in photoshop then it is important to use the file size 2400 X 1000 pixels. We also attached a layout you can use as a template.

If you have any questions please send them to the team at

Long before Pixar and today’s CGI special effects extravaganzas, early animators of the silent era experimented and introduced new techniques into filmmaking. Mark Quigley gives us a tour of the silent animation collection at UCLA’s Film & Television Archive - one of the few places in the world that capture this rich history of early animation.

Production backgrounds for Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

Rough character model sheets from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. Artwork by Sandro Cluezo.

These model sheets feature a character named Mata, who at one point in the script was developed as a love interest for Kuzco. She was voiced by That 70’s Show’s actress Laura Prepon, however, her scenes were later cut from the film.

Source: Inspector Cluezo

I don’t even have to tell you why this is important or why you should support the Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow; you know why. So go do it!

Here’s the first teaser trailer for Disney’s animated adaptation of Marvel’s Big Hero 6!